Express Diesel distributes pumps from all major pump manufacturers.  We choose only the best pump for your application.

25 years of selling pumps to the South Pacific means that there are few applications we have not catered for. The knowledge we have gained from our experience means that we can quickly get on with your job the moment you get in touch. We have a database containing details of every pump that we have supplied and serviced to our customers, and this enables us to quickly assist you with your pump requirements. 

We are the proud supplier of:

  • Davey Pumps (Domestic Pressure Pumps, Petrol Powered Pump)
  • Davles/Onga (Domestic Pumps, Industrial Pumps, Saltwater Pumps, Swimming Pumps)
  • Jabsco Pumps (Saltwater Diesel Engine Cooling Pumps, Bilge Pumps)
  • Grunfoss Pumps (Industrial Pumps)
  • Smedgard & Multi San (Industrial Pumps, Hot water Ring Main Pumps)
  • Lowara (All manner of industrial pumps, bore hole pumps)
  • Renown Pump & Tellerini (Industrial Pumps)
  • Tsurumi Pumps (Sewage Pumps)
  • Ebara Pumps (Sewage Pumps)
  • Caffini Pumps (Diapharm Pumps)
  • Varisco Pump (Industrial & Marine Pumps)


If you are looking to replace your pump, we strongly recommend the following ;

Is this to replace an existing pump?

Before ordering a new replacement pump, it is worthwhile taking this opportunity to consider the following;

  • Are you happy with the performance of your old pump?, or maybe you would you like more flow, or perhaps higher pressure.

Thinking about these issues will enable us to assist you with selecting the best pump to meet your requirements rather than simply replacing your existing pump with a new one.

If, however, your existing pump delivers what you need, then by providing us with the following information we can quickly provide you the best price for your correct replacement pump ;

  • Pump Brand
  • Model
  • Other ID Plate information

However, please remember that the information that you provide to us will be used by us to choose a suitable replacement, so it is important to give us as accurate information as possible to ensure that your new pump will actually deliver the results that you want. 

If you don't have all the information above, we can also work with pictures of your pump to help identify it, but please do not guess with this information, as this can lead to expensive and frustrating delays.


If it is a new installation -

What is the application? Please explain what the aim of the pump is and answer the following questions:

  • What will you be pumping? Water, Oil, Fuel, Sewage etc.
  • Over what distance will you need to pump it ?
  • What pipe size are you planning to use ?
  • Is there an incline, hills etc, how many bends in the pipe will there be ?
  • Do you have a flow rate that you would like to achieve ?
  • Is it on land or sea ?

Contact us for your new pump


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