Looking For An AVR For Your Genset?? Automatic Voltage Regulator

Need to replace your AVR on your generator? 

We stock all the common AVR models and more unusal models are only a couple of days away.

We even have a Universal AVR that you can use to replace almost any AVR you have!! This is a great option for our customers with many different gensets, they only need to carry a single AVR as spares for all of them.

Why pay almost a $1000.00NZ for an AVR, we can supply you the identical unit for a fraction on that cost.

Our replacement AVR units are high quality and we have happy customers across NZ and the Pacific.

Common AVR units off the shelf today include:








SR7-1 & SR7-2


And our Universal ADRV-16 AVR, check out the spec's below.

• Voltage regulation less than +/-0.5% 
• Suitable for brushless type generator sensing input 170 to 510 Vac 
• Can be used in parallel operation 
• 16 Adc current output 
• Suitable frequency 50/60 Hz 
• Inverse-time overexcitation protection 
• O/E overexcitation protection 
• Under frequency protection & soft start voltage ramping 
• Load CT current compensation, analog voltage input 

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