Outdoor Lighting Applications

When remarkable freedom and exceptional performance meet, an empowering experience begins.

Imagine being free of the electrical grid. Imagine exceptionally reliable performance. Imagine innovative and nimble technology that responds to its environments. Versatile, adaptable and resilient: Carmanah solar LED outdoor lighting solutions are boldly turning yesterday’s imagination into today's reality.

Whether your application is for street lighting or carpark lighting for vehicles, walkway or pedestrian lighting or perimeter or security lighting, Carmanah’s range of Solar LED General Illumination products offers a solution to your needs.

With the same focus on unparallel performance and reliability, Carmanah has again delivered a range of light that not only meets or exceeds comparative products outputs,  but also is the most stylish and visually appealing and refined of any Solar LED light available today.

With advanced features only available on Carmanah EverGEN 1700 series products like Advanced Occupancy Sensing (AOS), which senses when there is motion activating the lights before returning to a energy saving reduced light output, you can be sure that your light will deliver the required output All Night Every Night. All Carmanah products come with a 5 year guarantee, but are designed for many years and the light output from the LED fixtures have an estimated life of 100,000 hours or nearly 30 years before replacement.

To learn more about the Carmanah General Illumination products and applications please visit http://www.carmanah.com/Lighting/Overview.aspx

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