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Express Diesel is right at home whether we are providing a pump solution for waste from a septic tank or a food grade pump for ice cream into tubs, we have pumped it all and done it well for decades.

Pumps have always been a big part of our business and we are fortunate to represent almost all the major pump manufactures in the world and in some cases have had pumps designed from scratch to solve customers individual pumping needs.

In the past 30years we have designed and sold pumps to add fruit to ice cream and ice slush for food factories. We have pumped everything from BLOOD to SEAWATER and in the process we have learned a few things that make us unique just like our customers.

Express Diesel does not try to squeeze our customers into a particular brand that we represent, our policy is always the best pump for the application no matter the brand.
Using this policy we have thousands of happy customer across the Pacific and a happy customer comes back time and time again.

Next time you need a pump give us 5mins to work out the best pump for your needs from the many brands we represent and you will be surprised especially with our prices.


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